“Lanark County Kitchen: A Maple Legacy from Tree to Table”

Listen to the interview on Lake 88. Author Arlene Stafford-Wilson and ‘In Focus’ Host, Lynda D’Aoust, discuss, “Lanark County Kitchen: A Maple Legacy from Tree to Table”

When we think of a Lanark County kitchen, there’s one ingredient beloved across the region and found in almost every home – and that’s maple syrup. Proudly known as the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, the county boasts over 200 maple producers. Meet the county’s legacy maple producers who made their mark, whose names are well-known around the region, and who have played a long-standing role in our maple heritage. Join these legendary maple families on their journey, from the early days of their ancestors boiling sap in open kettles to the advanced technology used in their modern maple harvests.

The mouthwatering heirloom maple recipes included come straight from the kitchens of our award-winning maple producers, some passed down through generations, and others from their own popular pancake restaurants. These savory dishes and delectable desserts include secret family recipes, from our county’s maple experts, from their trees to your table.

For the most authentic results, whenever possible, the recipes should be made with the pure sweet goodness that made the area famous – Lanark County maple syrup.


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“Over 50 delightful Christmas stories, written by the sons and daughters of Lanark County, spanning the years from the 1940s through the 1980s.”

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“Lanark County Christmas

Many thanks to one and all who shared their memories of Christmas, and may these stories delight the readers of today, be a lasting legacy of our local history, and a rare glimpse into days gone by in Lanark County:

Lynne Allan, Shirley Armstrong, Graeme Hoatson Beattie, Helen Benda, Peter Bothwell, David Bromley, JoAnne Cavanagh Butler, Jean Carson, Margery Conboy, Diane Cox, Martha Craig, Dave Crosbie, Judy Burnham Curry, Elaine DeLisle, Eric Devlin, Graeme Dixon, Marlene Springer Donoghue, Brian Dowdall, Diane Miller Duncan, Joanne Ewart, Beverly Miller Ferlatte, Richard Frizell, Karen Fulton, Eric Gordon, Anne Graham, Julia James, Muriel James, Thom Lowry, Cynda McAdoo, Gail McFarlane, Grant McFarlane, Rosetta McInnes, Everett Millotte, Ivy Mohrhardt, Chris Morrow, Carl Munro, Ethel Nagle, Jayne Munro-Ouimet, Dianne Pinder-Moss, Doris Quinn, Fran Rathwell, Rose Mary Sarsfield, Shirley Scott, Arlene Stafford-Wilson, Allan Stanley, Lea Beth Taylor, Steve Tennant, Doris Thompson, Ron Thornbury, Noreen Tyers, Dave White, and Don White.

Arlene Stafford-Wilson

“Lanark County Comfort” – released 2021

Homespun Tales to Warm Your Heart

Lanark County Comfort: Homespun Tales to Warm Your Heart

In this collection of short stories the author invites you to visit some extraordinary places and meet some fascinating people who left their mark in Lanark County. Come to cottage country and visit Arliedale Lodge on Christie Lake, playground of the rich and famous, where the legendary Marks Brothers hosted unforgettable parties. Meet the Oakes family, and discover the tragedies and triumphs of their much-loved bakery in Perth. Spend an unforgettable evening at a Pant Barn Dance, meet the rock and roll bands, and find out what went on behind the scenes at these legendary concerts. Celebrate with the members of a 125-year-old country church at an old-fashioned strawberry social and learn the secrets of the popularity and longevity of this special place. Take a Sunday drive into the Lanark Highlands, meet the fascinating folks of Flower Station who may have uncovered the secrets of the fountain of youth. Meet Perth’s millionaire bachelor, discover a legal scandal that rocked the town of Perth, and find out who inherited his fortune.

Collection of Stories:

Oakes Bakery

The Legendary Pant Barn Dances

Calvin Church – 125th Anniversary

Perth’s Millionaire Bachelor

Famous Folks of Flower Station

Arliedale Lodge: Playground of the Rich and Famous

Book available at The Book Nook, 60 Gore St.E., Perth, Ontario, Canada – For information call – 613-267-2350, or order online by clicking on the link below:


Arlene Stafford-Wilson, Sept. 11, 2021, at the book launch for “Lanark County Comfort” – photo in front of The Book Nook & Other Treasures, 60 Gore St. E., Perth, ON, Canada.

Other books by Arlene Stafford-Wilson:

From 2020 Book Release

Book Release -2020 – for “Lanark County Collection”

Arlene Stafford-Wilson, at the book launch for “Lanark County Collection: Winding Our Way Down Memory Lane”, in front of The Book Nook, Perth, ON., Sept. 12, 2020

Lanark County Collection:  Winding Our Way Down Memory Lane – 2020

Travel back in time to the 1960s and 1970s, as the author invites you to come along on this journey through rural Eastern Ontario. Visit the Rideau Ferry Inn, a much-loved dance hall, where rock and roll was king. Watch in wonder as a water-witcher dazzles you with their mysterious abilities to locate the best spot to dig a country well. Spend the evening at the infamous Stumble Inn in Ferguson Falls, known for its bootleg whiskey and legendary fighting among the Irish villagers. Meet the dedicated staff of the Perth Public Library, and discover the tragedy, scandal, and unstoppable spirit that made this place ‘the heart of the town’. Visit a rural farmhouse and discover the secrets behind the art and science of sourdough. Spend a hot summer night at the Port Elmsley Drive In, meet some fascinating people, and find out what happens behind the scenes, while you watch a movie under the stars.

Author of “Lanark County Calling”, “Lanark County Classics”, “Lanark County Connections”, “Lanark County Calendar”, “Lanark County Chronicle”, “Lanark County Kid”, and “Recipes and Recollections”.

Other Books by Arlene Stafford-Wilson:

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