New Book – Fall 2020

Travel back in time to the 1960s and 1970s, as the author invites you to come along on this journey through rural Eastern Ontario. Visit the Rideau Ferry Inn, a much-loved dance hall, where rock and roll was king. Watch in wonder as a water-witcher dazzles you with their mysterious abilities to locate the best spot to dig a country well. Spend the evening at the infamous Stumble Inn in Ferguson Falls, known for its bootleg whiskey and legendary fighting among the Irish villagers. Meet the dedicated staff of the Perth Public Library, and discover the tragedy, scandal, and unstoppable spirit that made this place ‘the heart of the town’. Visit a rural farmhouse and discover the secrets behind the art and science of sourdough. Spend a hot summer night at the Port Elmsley Drive In, meet some fascinating people, and find out what happens behind the scenes, while you watch a movie under the stars.

Author of “Lanark County Calling”, “Lanark County Classics”, “Lanark County Connections”, “Lanark County Calendar”, “Lanark County Chronicle”, “Lanark County Kid”, and “Recipes and Recollections”.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  The Mysterious Ways of the Water Witcher

Chapter 2:  Hot Summer Nights at the Rideau Ferry Inn

Chapter 3:  Perth Library: Heart of the Town

Chapter 4:  Mother’s Farmhouse Sourdough

Chapter 5: The Stumble Inn of Ferguson Falls

Chapter 6: The Port Elmsley Drive-In: Showplace of the Golden  Triangle

New Book – coming this fall 2020. 

Release date to be announced.