Lanark County Classics

Lanark County Classics:
A Treasury of Tales
from Another Time

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:  Baffling Banshees in Burgess

Chapter 2:  Meet Me in DeWitt’s Corners

Chapter 3:  Mystery in Clyde Forks

Chapter 4:  Multitudes in Middleville

Chapter 5:  A Grand Era in Lanark

Chapter 6:  Perils in Pakenham

Chapter 7:  Perplexed in Perth


In this collection of short stories, the author invites the reader to journey back to a small farm in Eastern Ontario in the 1960s and 1970s.  Discover Irish legends, and learn about the troublesome banshees of North Burgess Township.  Visit Clyde Forks, and share in an unsolved mystery that continues to baffle police today.  Join the celebration of a milestone in the pictureque village of Middleville, and watch as a tragedy unfolds along the shores of the Mississippi River in Pakenham.  Chat with the neighbours at a popular general store in DeWitt’s Corners, and witness something unusual in the night skies over Perth.  Join the author as she travels back to a simpler way of life, in this treasury of tales from another time.

ISBN: 9780987 702654