Lanark County Connections

“Lanark County Connections: Memories Among the Maples”

In this collection of short stories, the author invites the reader along on a journey into the past.  Come for a tour on Lanark County’s back-roads, and go sightseeing in the most remarkable places, some well-known, and a few more obscure.  Visit heritage buildings and meet some fascinating people, both famous and ordinary, who made their mark in the community.  Spend the afternoon with a group of creative rural women, and hear their gems of wisdom as they craft a quilt.  Enjoy a carefree summer evening at an old-style country dancehall on the Rideau Lakes.  The author invites you to cme along on these adventures and more, as she shares some memories among the maples.

Chapter 1:  Antler Lodge:  Dosey-Doe Along the Rideau

Chapter 2:  Matheson House: Perth’s Grand Lady of Stone

Chapter 3: The Quilting Queens of Lanark County

Chapter 4: Jessie’s Gift: The Prettiest Place in Perth

Chapter 5: Mills, Mines, and Maples: Touring the Backroads

ISBN: 9780987 702647