Lanark County Kid

“Lanark County Kid:  My Travels Up and Down the Third Line”

In this collection of stories, the author transports us back in time to the 1960s and 1970s, growing up in rural Eastern Ontario.  She invites us to the family farm in Bathurst Township and to share in her adventures in the nearby communities of Perth, Balderson, Lanark, Carleton Place and Almonte, to name a few.  You’ll  laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll reminisce.  You’ll remember the good old days through the eyes of a rural kid, as you travel the backroads through Lanark County.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:  Millstone Manoeuvres at Cavanagh’s Store

Chapter 2:  Carl Adams’ on the Tay: Lessons in Life

Chapter 3: Glamour Galore at Shaw’s of Perth

Chapter 4:  Lanark Sweaters: Soft as a Kitten

Chapter 5:  Culinary Capers for a Calvinette Meeting

Chapter 6:  Christie Lake Road: Paves with Gold

Chapter 7:  Balderson Cheese: Craving the Curd

Chapter 8: Centennial Celebrations in the Valley and Beyond

Chapter 9:  Glen Tay –  A Cool New School

Chapter 10:  Winter Blues in Bathurst Township

Chapter 11:  Haggis’ : Dandy Candy on Gore Street

Chapter 12: Chaplin’s – A Dairy in  Glen Tay

Chapter 13:  Autumn Afternoon in Almonte

Chapter 14: Tie-Dyed in DeWitt’s Corners

Chapter 15: A Meteor Shower in Jordan’s Front Field

Chapter 16: A Bonny Lass on the Scotch Line

Chapter 17: New Jeans for the Pant Barn Dance in Perth

Chapter 18: Hockey Night in Perth: Angels with Blue Wings

Chapter 19: Stomping in Ompah

Chapter 20: Wampole: Health and Beauty on Highway 7

Chapter 21: Cooling Off in Carleton Place

Chapter 22: Walter Cameron: Forging in Fallbrook

ISBN;  9780987 702616